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Nestor Martin – TQH 33


The Nestor Martin TQH 33 is part of the dynamic TQH Series which offers an ‘optional’ 360° Rotation System. The fireplace has a steel structure with cast-iron doors, and a heat-reflective, white, cast iron interior. It features a modern finish, and it makes an eye-catching installation with its large window.

It comes without a stand, and with a choice of four ‘optional extra, special order’ stands, all of which rotate 360 degrees, so that you can enjoy the fire from all angles of the room! There is a Bench Stand, a Low-rise Stand, a Log Storage Stand, and there is a simple ‘special order’ Rotational Kit available. The Rotational Kit allows your TQ/TQH fireplace to rotate on top of any other stand you choose to install it on.

There is a large, removable ashpan, and the combustion chamber comfortably loads 40cm (horizontal)/ 55cm (vertical) logs. It is easy to load with its front and side door. There is a top or rear flue connection option, and the option to connect to an external air intake. The door comes with IR thermal glass and there is an airwash glass cleaning system.

The TQH 33 comes with patented Woodbox® Combustion System Technology. This system uses a balance of preheated Primary and Secondary air, and natural flue draft, in a process of combustion and post-combustion to obtain very high efficiency and flame controllability. It is equipped with a ‘variable flap mechanism’ for controlling the air intake according to the type of fuel burnt and the desired size of the fire. The air controls allow you to open these flaps manually and the tool provided should be inserted into the control handles for manual operation. The control flaps bring air into the combustion chamber for distribution above the fuel grate to feed the fire and for the airwash glass cleaning system. The Rear Flap is used for adjusting the minimum air setting and for wood fires. The Front flap allows air to enter the fireplace under the fuel grate to make lighting fires easier.

An ‘optional extra, special order’ remote control kit, and a motor for the kit (to open and close the flaps automatically) are available. The thermostat featured in the remote control allows you to select the desired temperature, and the fireplace will automatically self-regulate.

For Overnight Burning there is a Burn Rate Knob which allows you to adjust the size of the air intake opening, and the size of the fire. Turning the knob to the left increases the intake of air for bigger flames and a cleaner burn. Turning the Burn Rate Knob to the right decreases the air intake for smaller flames and an extended Overnight Burn (up to approximately 10 hours with the correct setting & fuel).

The TQH 33 is suitable for heating a medium sized area. It comes with an energy efficiency Ecolabel A. The TQH 33 is manufactured and imported from Cantabria, Spain. It comes with a EN 13240 Certification and a 5-year limited warranty on the fireplace body and firebox.

Weight 189 kg
Dimensions (depth x width x height) 42.2 × 57.2 × 86.3 cm
Output kW 14
Heating Area
Energy Source
Flue Width 180 mm
Flue Configuration Top and Rear
Efficiency 81.0%


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